Built-in free brute force cracking engine

Supports dictionary blasting (recommended) and mask generation blasting modes

Function customization

A variety of post-decompression operations are available to set Exclude file types/exclude filenames/delete decompressed archives/file overwrite/directory operations, etc.

Efficient and fast

In addition to the built-in password list, brute force cracking can also be used, fast, powerful, professional and reliable

Find it online

When the local password cannot be decompressed, you can use the cloud password to find the password to decompress

Beautiful design

A variety of built-in skins, switch freely, new UI design, comprehensive functions, simple operation


Powerful and easy to use

It can decompress general compression format files such as RAR, Zip, 7z, etc., with high decompression efficiency and supports a variety of post-decompression operations

Easy and convenient

The password can be used after it is filled in once. If the password cannot be found locally, you can query the password online to decompress it.

Batch processing

Can batch process a large number of compressed files, save time and effort, and do more with less


Support Windows 11/10/8/7/Vista/XP (X86/X64)

Product Features

Tired of trying passwords one by one? Fed up with decompressing the archives one by one? Tired of downloading the compressed package that requires a password? Fed up with the incorrect password of the compressed package downloaded from the pit father website? Let's try this software This software can not only match passwords from the password list, but also query passwords in the cloud. If you only need to decompress, you can even use it as a common decompression software. Will continue to collect feedback and upgrade related features Thank you for your support